Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Not too much new to report since I blogged about what we have been up to this summer. Just a couple of quick things:

- Last week Kuma got neutered. He did very well, although when they called to say he was in recovery he had already been given a "cone of shame" because he was licking his stitches before he was completely out of anesthesia. That's a lab for you! Here he is post op day #2. I am glad to report that he only had to wear the e-collar for about 3 days. Thank goodness. That thing can be more dangerous to us humans then it is bothersome to him:

Wednesday night I went out with some of the girls (mostly friends from PTA at Jake's school last year and a dear friend from the kids preschool). It was exactly what I needed. Good food, good conversation and knowing that even though Rose has moved away (big fat boo), I still have good friends I can count on close by.

- Sunday we went to see Cars 2. The kids really enjoyed it. I, honestly dozed off somewhere in the middle of it but not necessarily because it wasn't good, just because I was tired. The plot is very different from the first one but you get plenty of cute banter and jokes from Mater and McQueen and some cool new characters. My favorite part? The short film before the movie featuring the Toy Story characters!!! Makes it a must see.

- Sunday was my idea of a perfect summer day. I got work and chores done in the morning, went saw a movie together as a family, went for a short swim in the pool and then had friends (Cruz and Tara) over for a BBQ.

- Since the kids have been spending plenty of time outside, in the evenings after dinner, we have been relaxing and watching all 6 of the Star Wars movies. In fact, we will be finishing with Return of the Jedi tonight. This was something on our summer to-do list that I didn't anticipate knocking out so early but it has been fun watching all the movies again. I don't consider myself a Star Wars geek but I saw them repeatedly when I was younger as my brother Tony was OBSESSED. I have major problems with the prequels but it is frustrating because they could have been so good. The premise is so intriguing to me, to see cute little blonde hair Anakin turn over to the dark side. I do think that despite their many shortfalls, they do add something to the original 3 movies. If any of my Star Wars geek friends want to add thoughts on this, I would love to hear them.

- And speaking of Anakin, Jadyn has stepped it up a notch. You may recall her telling me she liked one of Jake's soccer teammates because "she liked his face". Well this last week she told Joe that she liked Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) because she liked his face AND he had a nice body. Really? She is five. I don't know where she gets it but I fear we are in BIG trouble.


Lindsay said...

Poor Kuma! LOL =)

Joanna said...

"Cone of Shame" Love it. I'm sure Kuma didn't, but an Up reference is always good.

Mel said...

Kuma looks miserable in his "cone of shame"!

She likes his body? I choked a little on that one!! Whoa, Jadyn! hahahah!