Monday, May 2, 2011


- We are back to the weekly grind after a nearly perfect spring break. We spent the time off doing something fun and different every day, but still had plenty of time to relax at home, play with toys and watch movies together as a family. Recap of what we did will be forthcoming.

- It's May, which means that Jadyn will turn 5 at the end of the month. I really don't know how I am going to make it through each day without crying as all the May 2006 babies from the birth club I belonged to each reach this huge milestone. Their moms are part of my tribe. They have each shared and supported and been with me on this incredible journey known as motherhood and I can honestly say I don't know what I would have done without them. Now some of them are writing these super emotional odes to the children their babies have become and well, all I can say is bring on the tissue!

Entertainment notes. Contains spoilers.

- Even though my Twilight obsession has waned considerably AND I have been horribly disappointed in all but one of the movies, I still got excited when my Entertainment Weekly featured a story about the upcoming Breaking Dawn movies.

- Fringe! When will Peter finally find out he has a baby on the other side? I am in suspense here people.

- Amazing Race - Super bummed that the cowboys got eliminated and in what seemed like a very unfair way too. The placement of the U-turn made it nearly impossible to even attempt to catch up and don't get me started with the cheating and giving other teams the answers. And then of course Jake and Jadyn were so disappointed I thought they might cry. They were all of our favorite team. At this point I am rooting for Zev and Justin but could really care less who wins.

- Water for Elephants - good movie, not great. Did the book justice. Tai (the elephant)stole the show, followed closely by Christopher Waltz.

- Fast Five. I really doubt many of you will see the newest movie in the Fast and the Furious franchise but if you do, take note. On our way to the river last summer, we passed through where they shot one of the most anticipated action scenes that involves a car going through a train. I have seen bits of it on the trailer and have to admit, it's kind of cool to know exactly where it was filmed, to have seen the cars and train on the side of the road and all the film equipment and setup. No celebrity sightings of Van Diesel or The Rock but cool nonetheless.

- We saw Rio over the weekend. Despite the fact that birds, the movie was really cute. I think I am developing a cougar crush on Jesse Eisenberg and Jaime Fox and were pure entertainment fun.

- Finally, I was able to read some over spring break and finally read the highly anticipated and newest YA dystopian novel, Delirium by Lauren Oliver. Despite the fact that at first I started to get confused, between the Ugly series, Hunger Games and Matched, this really seemed to be a mash-up of all of these trilogies, but after getting further into it, I found that it really came into its own. The only downfall about all these series is that now I am playing the waiting game since book 2 won't come out until February 2012.

Hope everyone is enjoying some pleasant spring weather!

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Cacey said...

I'm glad to be part of your tribe! I'm not super emotional about Elijah's 5th birthday,though it seems to have snuck up me. I suppose it's because I'm a little more focused on Sophia turning one! Ack!

Have you read "Game of Thrones" yet? I'm completely hooked! Not, YA, but I needed a break from that. Since I'm a YA author and all now ;)