Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day

We had a very low-key Mother's Day per my request. I just wasn't up to braving the crowds to do brunch or anything like that. It was still a very nice day at home. But what really blew me away this year were my gifts because they all had very special meaning.

Joe surprised me with a new battery for my phone, which I needed desperately. It hadn't been holding a charge for even half the day. Huge pain in the butt. He also surprised me with a new travel coffee mug, something else I really needed since the two I use either always spill down the front of me or don't keep my coffee warm for very long.

Jadyn made a ceramic hand print and painted it. I remember making these when I was a kid and loved the effort she put into painting it:

Jake made me this card. The cover really shows how much he has started to enjoying coloring and drawing as you can see the care he took with it:

But it was the inside that turned me into a teary-eyed mess. It's amazing to get a look inside his mind and see what he considers the important things I do to show my love for him like reading him books and tickling him. He also said I tell him jokes, which I found amusing because anybody who knows me, knows I don't really tell jokes. He did also say he loves my great meals and the fact that I am so grown up (haha):

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day and was reminded what a special job in being a mother.

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Joanna said...

You got some nice presents there, mommy! Jake's coloring is really great. He does better than me.

You know what the cool thing is about the handprint? In years to come, you'll get to watch as she places her hand over the print and you can see how much she has grown.