Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Look who can finally swing all by herself! What a big girl. She is so proud:

Jadyn's paper chain link countdown for her birthday. She loved putting this together:

Some baseball frustrations for Jake. First of all each of the younger teams are given the chance to have one game on a Friday night, later than usual so they can play under the lights with an announcer. Pretty cool right? Jake's game was this last Friday night. It started late. They never got the PA system working properly and they cut the game short because they had scheduled the team to play again at 9 a.m. the following morning.

Not to mention the fact that Jake is having trouble adjusting to playing machine pitch. They have two machines. One is slower and meant for softball and the other is a fast pitch machine that averages 45 miles per hour. They keep going between the two machines because one or the other seems to always be broken, so it is hard for the kids to get used to whether the ball is going to be coming in fast or slow. Then on Saturday's game, the coaches agreed on where the pitching machine was calibrated and it turned out to be WAY too high. And poor Jake is already one of the smaller kids in the league. Here he is trying his best to make contact, but unfortunately he struck out:

I just hope that whatever happens this season, it doesn't turn him off completely to the sport. He has said that soccer is now his favorite.

And spoiler alert for the Amazing Race finale. Pretty much one of my least favorite teams won. Still it was a fun season to watch and something I really enjoyed watching with the family.

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Stacey said...

Why don't they have coach pitch if the machine is off? That doesn't seem fair to the kids!

We go from t-ball to coach pitch to kid pitch here.

Joanna said...

Forget too fast, that ball is way, way, way out of the strike zone. He looks like he's going for a pinata, not a baseball. Their pitching machines stink.