Thursday, February 24, 2011

So yeah, we FINALLY got snow

There has been several times this winter when we have been forecasted to have some fairly decent snowfall. However, every time it ends up being a really cold rain or it will snow, but it is just isn't enough to stick. Not very fun. I realize there is a lot of the country that had more than their share of snow this winter but here in the desert of California it is definitely a novelty.

Now this past weekend we were forecasted to have a pretty substantial rainstorm with potential flash flooding and heavy winds. Never once was the possibility of snow mentioned for our area. So it was a quite a surprise when we looked out the window Saturday early evening to see snow falling and even more of a surprise when a few hours later it snowed again and created a decent blanket on the ground.

Of course, the irony is that as much as I love the occasional snow, having it occur the first night you are trying to housebreak an 8 week old puppy may not be ideal. They recommend taking him outside every 30 minutes in addition to shortly after eating, drinking water, taking a nap or heavy play/training so yeah, we are taking him out there A LOT. He didn't seem to mind:

And neither did the kids:

Me on the other hand? I just wanted a picture to remember the occasion by:

By morning, we still had some snow on the ground but it was a very light covering. Not really enough for snowball fights or a snowman, just enough to make the desert look gorgeous:

Then it melted and Kuma earned the nickname Mudbud (from the Disney air buddies series). I wish I had captured the moment he dove in a mud puddle, stuck his snout right in there and came up with a pile of mud on top of his nose. It was priceless. And the perfect time for his first bath. I did however, catch Jake playing fetch with him using one of his crocs. He is a retriever after all:

What do you think, is he going to like coming to the river with us? Because after this set of storms and cold weather, I am definitely looking forward to spring and summer.


Karen said...

That's the perfect kind of snow. And Kuma looks like he was having a great time. Congrats on your new puppy and I love the name!!

Angela said...

Who knew it snowed in the desert?? Not me! Looks beautiful, and dang I want some puppy kisses.

Cacey said...

I grew up in TX and GA, so I can definitely understand the novelty! Looks like y'all had fun.

Mel said...

I've gotta say, the pics of Kuma are just melting my heart! I just wish I could reach through the computer screen and pet him!!