Friday, February 18, 2011

Show me the Mommy - Before I was a mommy

At least before I was mommy to human children.

This picture was taken right around my 26th birthday (and obviously before we had a digital camera). Joe and I were living in Japan and I was getting ready to leave to go back to the states. Both Utah and Nago were just over a year old. Prior to me leaving, we had an awesome party for both my birthday and going away. That was 11 years ago this weekend and I really don't care if you do the math and conclude that I will be turning 37 years old in a matter of days.

But it is precisely because of how much Utah and Nago enriched our lives, how much a part of our family they were, how much they were loved that the only thing I want for my birthday this year, is to bring another dog into our home. And so it is with much pomp and circumstance that we will be doing precisely that this Saturday when we pick up the newest addition to our family. Be prepared for the picture overload that is sure to take place by early next week. Until then, here is a sneak peek of the little guy, taken a few weeks ago:

I conclude already that he is going to be the BEST birthday present ever.


Kara said...

Awe, so sweet! Can't wait for the pic overload. :)

Angela said...

Oooh, goose bumps for the new cute puppy. So excited for you, can't imagine the void (actually I can, only a little, and it makes me super sad) that's been there since you lost U&N YAY!!! And happy birthday. Sounds like february is an AWESOME MONTH SO FAR :-)

DesiDVM said...

I need to stop looking at that picture, it's making me have Puppy Fever so bad!! Please continue with picture overload :)

It's so hard to have a dogless home if you're a dog lover. My hubby doesn't quite get it b/c he didn't grow up with pets - I feel kind of incomplete without a dog.

Mel said...

SOOO adorable! I'm just so excited for you!