Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Showing the Love

Yes Valentines Day is highly commercialized and yes we should make sure the ones we care about know how much we love them always and not just on a specified contrived day. However, I still really like Valentine's Day. Because how it can be wrong to celebrate love and do something a little extra special for the ones closest to your heart?

Even before kids, Joe and I usually didn't make too big a deal about Valentine's Day. If we did celebrate we would maybe go to a nice meal a couple days before or after. No sense in dealing with the crowds on the actual day. Plus, my birthday is so close, it just doesn't make sense going overboard twice within a week of each other.

But aren't these two of the cutest Valentines that you ever did see?

Or maybe two of the funniest Valentines:

And aren't they even cuter when they have just woken up and are completely surprised by their Valentine's bags from Mom and Dad, each with a small token and some candy hearts?

How about after passing out Valentines at school, coming home and sharing their loot with each other before eating themselves into a sugar coma?

We celebrated as a family by baking homemade chocolate chip cookies and eating our favorite fondue themed dinner. Yes, Valentine's Day certainly may have changed since having kids but I don't mind at all.


Kara said...

Love the pictures of the two of them and your comment about the crowds. Me and my husband use to do the same thing!

London said...

Your little Valentines are so cute, and maybe just a little funny!

Karen said...

So sweet! Michael shared his loot with Katie without being asked to.

Steph said...

Happy Valentine's Day! You know, I was thinking to myself yesterday whether your kids would be in holiday-appropriate clothes and they were! Cute as always.