Wednesday, January 19, 2011


As I mentioned late last week we were hit with some incredible January weather - warm and sunny with temperatures into the 70's. It had been far to long since we had hit any trails up in the national park so we headed to Barker Dam. This is one of my favorite trails for two reasons - one because I am always curious how much water has or has not collected there. With all the rain we got around Christmas, I was expecting more then there was. The other reason I like this particular trail is because it has plenty of spots for the kids to break off and go rock scrambling, something they thoroughly enjoy. I definitely plan to do more trails as spring arrives so we can see the wildflowers bloom and of course, do more scrambling like this:





Picture of the water level from the dam:


Thought it was kind of cool to have all this desert landscape and then the snow-capped mountain in the distance:



London said...

Um hi, you suck. (See my post for today.)

Also, great pictures.

Angela said...

Absolutely breathtaking. Going to have to go there some day!!! I miss relief, its sooo flipping flat here. We love to hike, but it feels more like a walk-a-bout here, too flat!!

Carrie77 said...

LOVE the reflection in the water. Beautiful!