Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This is really going to be random -

Friday's family movie night we watched Ponyo. It is a highly acclaimed Japanese animation film loosely based on Han's Christain Anderson's Little Mermaid. The kids seemed to enjoy it but I just have to say, I didn't get it. I thought it was really, really weird. The animation was gorgeous though.

Sunday night I went to see Black Swan. It was dark and twisty and completely engrossing and absolutely amazing. I was on the edge of my seat and I totally "got it". I can see why Natalie Portman, as well as the supporting cast is getting such high praise.

Saturday we signed Jake up for baseball. He will be playing machine pitch this year. No more t-ball. He was so nervous about it that he almost didn't want to sign up. But I think he would have regretted it and now he seems pretty excited.

In other Jake news, he has learned all of the first grade sight words at school and is moving on to the 2nd grade words. I just can't believe how well he is reading - and he actually enjoys it. He read "Are you my mother" to us last night at bedtime (one of my FAVORITE childhood books).

Jadyn's winter dance recital had to be canceled. Very, very sad situation but the owner of the studio passed away over the holidays and her family and staff are scrambling to figure everything out. It does appear the studio will remain open but under the circumstances, the recital understandably just wasn't a priority. We will just have to wait for the spring concert instead.

In other Jadyn news, her drawing just amazes me. She is drawing people and animals and she just has a really great imagination. I love it. I will have to take some pictures of her creations so I can share them.

Big fun weekend coming up. We are staying at the beach cottages at Pendleton for the weekend. The kids are doing the Marathon Mile race at Legoland Saturday and then Joe and our friend Cruz are running the Carlsbad Half marathon on Sunday. With all the running I have been trying to do, it seems odd to be the only one not running, although technically I am because I will be running along side Jadyn on Saturday. I should probably consider running more than just that one mile because I have big plans to eat at all my favorite restaurants from when we lived down there - Sonny's Pizza and Pasta is #1 on my list. And the weather should be gorgeous should we actually have any free time to enjoy the beach.

And finally, I miss Nago. I am having a much harder time dealing with her passing then when Utah died. Mostly because Utah's health had been deteriorating for quite some time and I had plenty of time to prepare whereas with Nago it was more of an "all of a sudden" situation. Also, now we don't have any dogs in the house and after 12 years, it just seems odd. But the kitties have been very entertaining and oddly enough their behavior indicates that they too miss Nago's presence. I just keep telling myself that however imperfect, Nago lived a long and happy life.

And what about this weather? It's like spring in January and I plan to show you exactly how we took advantage of it over the MLK weekend. Until then....


Joanna said...

So happy to hear how well both of the kids are doing.

What a shame about the dance studio situation.

I'm so sorry still about Nago. I was surprised how the cats reacted after our Belgian Shepard passed away. I figured the friendly cat would miss her, but that the rude cat missed her was a big surprise. I guess everyone ends up being part of the family.

Angela said...

Stop making me cry :-( Big hugs, I know there is nothing that can make it better. Its so hard to lose them. In your situation, I don't think I would be able to wait to get another dog-its not like she would replace the ones we lost, but I can not imagine coming home to no wagging tails and goofy grins. It will take time for you to heal, just like losing any family member. So, in lieu of anything else, big big big hugs. Nago had a FANTASTIC life because of you guys.
And, PS-how far are you from LA?? Looks like we could be spending a week in California in March. The thought of THAT flight w 2 kids makes me want to SCREAM, lol!