Monday, January 10, 2011


First and foremost, I just want to again thank everyone for their kind words on the passing of our beloved Nago. Writing that last blog post was extremely therapeutic for me and although I know that I will still have moments of intense sadness, I feel much, much better having gotten it all out and have chosen to focus on what a long happy life she had and everything we provided for her. We will be adding another dog to our family in the future but as we have some weekend trips planned, it will be at least March before that happens.

Back in early December I reported that Jake had his first loose tooth. Well it has gradually gotten looser and looser until today when Jadyn and I got back from ballet and he was showing us how he could push the tooth with his tongue and you could see it was only hanging on by a thread. Flash forward maybe an hour later when he was doing homework and eating a snack of apple slices and ranch-flavored rice cakes when he spits one of the rice cakes back in the bowl. Joe looked at him surprised and asked him what in the heck he did that for to which Jake explained that their must have been a nut in it because there was piece he couldn't chew.

Sure enough we investigate the bowl with the partially eaten rice cake and find Jake's tooth had fallen out while he was eating. It gave us quite a laugh. He could have swallowed it!

Here is Jake smiling proud minus the tooth:

So of course Jake went to bed tonight, tooth wrapped in a little sandwich bag and tucked safely under his pillow, super excited for his first visit from the tooth fairy. I think the teeth started falling out pretty quickly in succession once that first one goes so I guess I better plan ahead and start keeping some cash around. We wouldn't want the tooth fairy to be unable to pay up.

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Joanna said...

Lol, feeding a kid with a loose tooth apple slices and rice cakes is a great way to move the process along.

So, how does the tooth fairy work? Is it hard for her to find the tooth under the pillow without waking up the toothless wonder? What does the tooth fairy pay these days.