Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And it passed in a blur of frenzied fun

As if the races this past weekend were not enough to keep us busy, we were staying at the beach cottages at Del Mar aboard Camp Pendleton and they are literally right on the beach. When we arrived Friday, the kids wanted to go down to the water but what I didn't expect was them wanting to actually put their bathing suits on and actually go IN the water. It's freaking January! Even with the nice weather, I doubt the water was warm enough for this:

But they didn't seem to care and the sound of their giggles over the crashing waves is enough to make this Mommy smile, even if it ended with whining and teeth chattering as we made our way back to the cottage as the sun set:

Part of the appeal of the race at Legoland Saturday was that all participants got free admission after the race. Of course we have season passes but it didn't stop us from going for a couple of hours to hit up some of the kids favorite rides and attractions. The bonus was that since Joe was down here on vacation and not work, he got to go with us:

By this point, you would think the kids would be exhausted, which is true. However, the lure of the beach was just too much to pass up so the kids went in the water again late Saturday afternoon and then went rock climbing on the jetty before we headed out for dinner:

The only negative to the trip happened on Saturday night when Jake fell out of bed and cut his eye on the dresser on his way down to the hard tile floor where he landed with a thud. Um, yeah he cried a little, mommy worried a little and he is now sporting this battle scar:

Overall it was an action-packed, fun-filled weekend at the beach and with this little taste, I cannot wait to go again when the weather is even warmer.


London said...

How fun! I love all the pics, but I especially love the one of Jadyn driving the Lego car. My parents took us to Legoland Windsor when I was a kid and I have fond memories of drving the Lego cars!

I sent you an email BTW!

Mel said...

Great beach pics! Kids can tolerate the cold for awhile. And the Legoland race sounds great! Analese is jealous and wishes she could drive the Lego car with Jadyn. Hope Jake's eye heals up well.

Joanna said...

Oh my god, the beach! Cute kids frolicking in the ocean. It's so sweet and so summery. I am so jealous.

The pictures are gorgeous too...

Beth said...

Ouch--poor Jake! Other than that, though, what a great weekend. Gorgeous pictures, too. Makes me look forward to summertime! I'm so impressed, too, with the family run. The looks on the kids' faces are priceless!

Carrie77 said...

Legoland looks so, so fun! I have never been, but need to go there SOON! And, wow, beautiful sunset picture!