Tuesday, January 25, 2011

All in the family

Some things get so built up, they can never live up to your expectations and then there are those that just totally, completely exceed whatever expectations you had. Our experience with the kids first race this past Saturday was thankfully the later. I was really worried as we went to bed on Friday night and Jadyn said, "You know when you asked me if I wanted to sign up for the race? I think I meant to say no".

Here we are Saturday in our "corral" waiting to go to the start line:

At the start line:

I decided that since Jadyn seemed to have some reservation about the event, Daddy would make a better race companion for her. I think that was the right call. Look how happy she is:

It was pretty cool to get to run through an amusement park but all the Legos and attractions were somewhat of a blur as Jake never really slowed in pace. It made me the ideal companion for him because I really had to work to keep up with him. At this point, as we approached the finish line, I was a little surprised that he ran the full mile at such a consistent speed:

And as we passed Cruz on the sideline (who I cannot thank enough for being our personal photographer for the event), Jake glanced back and did this:

A few minutes later, here come Joe and Jadyn:

To the finish line:

Posing with their medals after the race:

No wonder I was so out of breath at the end. Turns out Jake ran a 9 minute mile:

And Jadyn only stopped to walk a couple of times and then went right back to it:

The kids were both SO excited about their race experience. Jake immediately wanted to know when their was another race for him to do. Both kids proudly wore their race shirts to school on Monday and brought their numbers and medals to school to show all their friends. I think it sets a really good example about staying active, being healthy and having fun.

And does it look like these boys are having fun? Because the next day, Cruz and Joe ran the Carlsbad Half Marathon with picture perfect weather. Here they are with only 0.2 to go:

And here they are after the race sporting their medals and yes, Cruz wore all that Steeler gear to support his team who of course went on later that day to win the AFC championship and will now play MY TEAM, the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl. It is so ON! But back to the boys accomplishment. They ran the half in 2:25. Not bad at all. I am so proud:

I was really on the fence about committing to running my first 5K but it looks like it will be all in the family because this weekend definitely got me pumped. I am signing up for the Palm Springs 5K, which will take place on February 13th. And I can't wait to have the smiling faces of my hubby and kids to greet me when I cross that finish line.


Angela said...

HOW FUN! Both kids look like they had a blast. And you will do WONDERFULLY for your first 5K, do not worry!!

Kara said...

This is awesome! I agree it is great for little ones to participate. My youngest two will be running their first races next month in Disney World.

Good luck on your first 5K. You will rock it!

LauraC said...

LOVE everything about this post!!

London said...

So cool!

Julie said...

Great job to the whole family! I am so impressed!!!!!!!!!