Friday, January 7, 2011

Let It Snow!

I wish we got snow here. We were predicted to get up to 6 inches Sunday into Monday but it peetered out. We actually got to see snow fall but nothing that stuck. Oh well. Guess that makes it all the better that over winter vacation we went up the Palm Springs Ariel Tramway so we could play in the 2 feet of snow they have in the forest at the top of the mountain. The kids enjoyed it but had enough after only being in the snow for less than an hour. Still totally worth it though. It was a fun day.

Here we are waiting for our tram to go up:

The kids were very excited:

View of the desert below:

View of the mountain station above. What a difference a 2 1/2 mile ascend can make!:

Jake and Jadyn on the only sled run that Jake did. After he crashed into another kid, he wouldn't try again:

And speaking of crashing, I won't post all the outtake photos here that I did on Facebook but we went with Cruz and his mother and niece who were visiting from Texas. We all tried to sled and failed miserably - crash and burn for me, Cruz and his niece. Then his mom goes and shows us all up with a perfectly executed run. It was classic.

Mommy and Jadyn sledding:

Jake stole this snowball off the head of an abandoned snowman:

Jake's favorite snowy activity - snowball fights:

And Jake's favorite target that day - our good friend Cruz:

If you don't recall, Jadyn's favorite snowtime activity is eating it:

Daddy's gloves were water resistant, and therefore much warmer:

My lil snow angel making a snow angel:

My Show me the Mommy for this fine Friday. I hate how I look in most hats but I think this picture came out pretty good:

Right before we left, the kids had me snap a picture of them in front of the old tram cars they had decorated outside the station. I know how this ages me, but whenever we come to the tramway I am always reminded of that cheesy plotline on the original Beverly Hills 90210 where Dylan goes after his father's killers. Somehow they end up in Palm Springs on the tram and the "bad guys" hang him out the tram car on their way up. I realize how random that is but I know I am not alone because Joe mentioned it that day too, which really put a smile on my face.

Then again, a fun family outing like this generally puts a smile on my face anyway.


Mel said...

Looks like a fun time, and you got some really great pics!

Beth said...

That's crazy that you can go from desert to snow in a matter of minutes! And WHAT are you talking about from 90210? I thought I was pretty knowledgeable about that show but I must have missed that season! LOL.

Carrie77 said...

Love the trams pictures! That is a beautiful snow!

Joanna said...

Oh, that is so awesome. Just take a tram, and BAM snow. Even more awesome, when you want it gone, take a tram and BAM gone.

Love the pictures of Jaydn with the big gloves. So cute.

You look lovely in the hat.