Friday, March 26, 2010

So what about Jake?

Well first of all, Jake and I finally had an opportunity to go on a date last Friday and spend some much needed quality time together. I took him to get his hair cut and then we went bowling. It was so much fun and I believe a new Mommy/son tradition has begun!

Monday, Jake had an awards assembly at school for second trimester and I am so proud to to report that he received an award for outstanding achievement in creative writing. It was pretty funny because as soon as his teacher started talking about the student with a passion for cars and race tracks, I thought she must be talking about Jake. But to find out he actually wrote about them? Pretty cool. Yes, I am one proud mommy.

Note to self, never again agree to take a picture in front of the fireplace unless it has just just been cleaned:

Finally, spring wouldn't be spring without baseball and Jake's new team started practices last week. The truly awesome thing about this season is that the league finally decided to hold practices and games at the very under-utilized Knott Sky Park, the very park that is a 5 minute walk from our house. It's been kind of nice not to have to drive so far to get some place and we can just stroll right over there in the nice spring weather. Now if I can just convince my allergies to calm down, we would be good to go. Here is Jake and BFF Sam before the start of practice Thursday:

And so Jake is doing good and we are staying busy enjoying spring and all the flurry of activity it brings.


Heidi O said...

Yay! creative writing that's awesome!

Steph said...

Congrats Jake!