Friday, September 11, 2009

Talk about Magoomba

I am so far behind and each of these could potentially warrant separate blog posts but I just need to get caught up so here it goes.....

1) We had a fabulous time at the river on Labor Day. The water was relatively quiet for a holiday. It seems most people decided to get an early start home, which worked out well for us just heading out for the day. I was hoping to take tons of pictures but the day was more or less super kick back and relaxing so the only real gem I have to share is this picture of Jadyn helping Daddy drive the boat:

Fortunately, while we thought this may be our last trip of the season, the whole family concurred that we were not ready for our river trips to end just yet so we are hoping to make one more trip sometime in the next few weeks. Maybe I will be motivated to get more pictures!

2) One of the reasons I wanted more pictures of the kids at the river is because we re-did the kids/guest bathroom in a beachy beige and aqua and I need some good water photos for the wall decor. The change in color scheme also prompted a change in the kids towels from hooded duckies to hooded doggies. Every time they use their new towels they bark and giggle, exclaiming about how the doggy towels have tails. They get a kick out of it:

3) Jadyn is becoming quite the "artiste". She draws a fairly good rendering of family. This one is Daddy and little girl:

4) For those who are not on Facebook, we took Jake to Loma Linda for a consultation with a pediatric surgeon regarding his umbilical hernia and unfortunately, it does not appear that it will finish closing up on its own. Therefore, he is tentatively scheduled to have hernia repair surgery on November 9th. The good news is that we are very comfortable with the doctor, staff and facility at Loma Linda and it is a minimally invasive surgery with little down time. It will be done at the outpatient surgery center and he will only have to stay 1-2 hours postop. They do surgeries on Friday and he will be back to school Monday barring any complications. Of course when they talked about how they will give Jake medication preoperatively, Joe promptly asked if Mommy will be prescribed anything because routine or not, I know I am going to be a wreck. However, I am determined to be strong to make things easier on Jake.

On a lighter note, before heading out to Loma Linda yesterday, we made a pit stop at the local hardware store in Yucca Valley so we could check out the Irwin Tools #26 car, which was on display. I promise, Jake was excited to see the car even if it wasn't thrilled when I wanted to photograph him with it:

Still working on a post to update everyone on school. Until then, have a great weekend and on this date, the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, may we never forget.

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Joanna said...

The picture of them with the towels is just too cute. It must be great watching them run around acting like dogs.

As far as the surgery goes, I would be pretty nervous too, but he'll be fine. Maybe they can give you a Valium to get you through it; )