Friday, September 25, 2009

Funny Nose Friday #5 - Sometimes they really are funny

1) Jake's school classmate and sports teammate has an older brother and a younger sister. His other friend Chris from preschool whose sister Stephie will be going to preschool with Jadyn just recently welcomed a brand new baby brother into the world (Congrats Davis Family!). So the other day on the way to school both kids ganged up on me asking when they could have a little brother or sister. When I told them no and explained that Mommy and Daddy were quite happy with our two kids, they started begging. I always knew that at one point in my role as a parent I would have to hear the line "But Mom, so and so has one!". I just never expected it to be about having another child.

2) As I have mentioned, ever since Jadyn gave up the pacifier the kids have been falling asleep together on Jake's bed. Usually Jake lays on one side of the bed while Jadyn lays on the opposite side and yes, on a bad night I am forced to intervene when an innocent game of footsy gets too rough or prevents them from actually going to bed. Anyway, the other night Jadyn wanted to lay on the same side of the bed with Jake and when I conferred with Jake to make sure he was okay with this arrangement he replied, "Yeah, because Jadyn is my best friend". Awww. Just melts your heart.

3) This is how Jadyn insisted on going to pick up Jake from school the other day. She got many compliments even if it did take her an hour to cross the street in high heels:

4) As if Jake had to one up Jadyn in the dress-up department, he decided to raid his accessory drawer containing all his hats and winter gear:

To which Jadyn responded in turn:

Resulting in this finale:

Yes, the kids can be pretty cute sometimes. But it doesn't make me want anymore. I am perfectly content with my two little Funny Noses.

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Joanna said...

LOL about ganging up on you for a baby brother or sister. I am not looking forward to the day when Michael asks me for a new baby. I should probably practice saying something other than "I am too old for this sh*t"

I love the one upping dress up games. So cute. Seems like a good way to vent their competitive desires.