Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Santa Claus Came to Town - Version 2013

We once again celebrated early on Christmas Eve day with the extended Funny Nose clan at Grandma Anita and Ken's house. The kids got to open a few presents after having lunch but more importantly, they got to enjoy a gorgeously warm So Cal day outside with their cousins Aidan and Lilly:


We then went home to prepare dinner and the house as were hosting Christmas Eve dinner for our friends Cruz and Tara and the Miller Family. Here are the kids and I before everyone arrived:


We had so much fun that night. So much so that I unfortunately did not take any pictures of the festivities. Suffice to say that a good time was had by all. We indulged in green chicken chili and homemade taquitos, all the baked goods and some very sweet Moscato wine. Not only did the kids exchange gifts but the adults did a gift exchange as well including personalized gag gifts. While I cannot share all the gifts that were received, I can tell you that I got a Tahoe repair kit so the next time I bang it against the garage while backing out, I can duct tape and super glue it back together. And then of course, after our guests had left, the kids quickly set out cookies and milk for Santa, sprinkled reindeer food in the front yard and excitedly went to bed so Santa can come do his magic:


This year's wake up call was not the earliest ever but 4 a.m. is still pretty darn early. And then the chaos of Christmas morning commenced. For once I have more pictures of Jake than Jadyn and not the other way around. Apparently this is the way to get some genuine smiles out of him:





 And in a flash the scene looked like this:


With nowhere to be on the actual holiday, our family got to spend a glorious and relaxing day in our PJs eating monkey bread (tradition), watching The Christmas Story, taking naps (yes multiple), and putting together tons of Lego Friends and Halo Megablok sets. After a fun but whirlwind and busy few weeks, it was the perfect way for us to end the holiday.

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