Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Introducing Bailey

Sooooo, pretty much since Kuma turned a year old but especially after I started working outside the home again, I have been advocating to add another dog to our family. First of all, I love having as many pets in the house as I can get away with and secondly, I really felt Kuma needed someone to hang out with in my absence (other than the cats, LOL!)

I started pleading my case pretty hard this past fall after we had settled into a new routine with the school year and I even got Joe to visit the local animal shelter a few times but we didn't find any dogs that really stuck out as being a good fit for our family. Then over winter break our friends Cruz and Tara brought over their new Great Dane puppy resulting in me having a huge bout of puppy fever. I convinced Joe to go to an adoption event a nearby rescue was hosting on a Saturday and that was all she wrote for the whole family. We fell in love.



 At first the rescue told us she was a 3 month old lab/Greyhound mix but she is listed on their website as being a Fox Terrier mix. To be honest, we don't really know what she is but she is ours! We do know mom was about 40 pounds so we are expecting the same medium size for her.

As for her name, I spent the whole first day looking up and throwing out name ideas. Bailey just fit her. There is no other way to explain it.

The first few days with her home were honestly a little rough. Despite being around other dogs all the time, Kuma is used to being the only dog in our household and he was a little bratty and unwilling to share with our new addition. However, each day he warmed to her more and more and now they are fast friends, playing together and snuggling together a good majority of the time.



The first few days were a little rough for us too. It's easy to forget how much work a puppy can be between potty training and preventing them from chewing on inappropriate objects. However, in just the last 2 weeks since we first brought her home, Bailey has come a long way She is super smart and I can not recommend crate training enough.

Bailey has a great personality and watching her play with Kuma is extremely entertaining. I think getting a puppy was the best way to ensure a good fit for our family and I felt comfortable going through a rescue group that does amazing and tireless work to help find homes for unwanted pets. I know that for us Bailey has found a home where she is definitely wanted.


Lindsay said...

I just love this. =)

Carrie said...

Oh, I wish we could get a puppy for Nathan... but, darn his asthma! I LOVE the photos of them together. How sweet! I am sure it will be a bit of an adjustment to Kuma, but hopefully they'll make great doggy friends!