Monday, January 20, 2014

Jake Version 9.75 (yikes!)

Jake is all boy, 110% boy.

He loves to play video games and organize Nerf wars and build with Megabloks and Legos. He has to be reminded about everything, usually multiple times. Unless of course he is doing what needs to be done to earn video game time. Then he gets everything done quite efficiently.

Jake walks through life with blinders on. If it doesn't directly affect him in that moment, don't expect him to notice. Sometimes I don't know how someone so bright and smart can be so oblivious and yet I fully admit he probably gets that from me.

Jake is at an age where everything revolves around being with friends. I am sure this is only the beginning. I should be thankful that he is so social since he was so painfully shy when he was younger but sometimes we just want to spend a nice family evening together. And we can and we do but it usually begins with a protest followed by a lecture. There seems to be a lot of lecturing at this age as Jake constantly test the boundaries of what he can get away with.

Yet with all the frustrations of this age (and it has been a very trying one for sure), Jake is a good kid. He earned Dean's List at school for 1st trimester by getting all A's and one B.


A few weeks later he was recognized at Friday Flag by his teacher for exhibiting responsibility, one of the six Character Counts traits as well as earning a place in the 10 mile club for running at least 10 miles at the after school running club.


After another great soccer season, he made the under 10 boys All-Star team. I love watching him give it his all on the soccer field and was happy to see his season extended.


Jake is thoughtful and kind and funny, a great big brother to Jadyn and thankfully still not too old to snuggle on the couch with  mommy and watch a movie. He has an infectious giggle that can make anyone pause and smile, not to mention distinctive enough to pick out of a crowd.

This is how you are most likely to find Jake, with his best friend playing games and dressed in tons of camo:


I can't believe that this April, Jake will be TEN years old. I am having a much harder time dealing with him entering the double digits then the fact that I will be 40 next month.

Yes, Jake is all boy and even with the frustrations that brings, I couldn't love him more or be more proud.

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