Monday, February 18, 2013

My Funny Valentines 2013

I believe in letting those you care about and love know how important they are to you throughout the year. I don't buy into the overly commercialized and artificially created romance of Valentine's Day but that doesn't mean I don't like the holiday. What is not to like about love and friendship and CANDY!?!

Of course, the kids are now not allowed to bring sweets to school, so we added pencils to the Valentine cards they passed out in class. I also put together a small bag for each of the kids with a few special treats like a super cute stuffed turtle for Jadyn and a new hot wheel and Halo figure for Jake. Working at the school, I also got to pass out Valentines and received many in return. It was a nice day.

After having this shirt for 2 years now, Jake finally asked me what "most eligible bachelor" meant. I explained to him that it meant he was available to the ladies and he immediately scowled. I then told him that while no one would take the shirt literally, he didn't have to wear it. I am glad he ultimately decided to wear it, but I sure wish he would get passed the awkward smiling for the camera:


Much more natural smiles in this picture:


And because of the no candy at school rule, I was asked to have Jadyn meet a classmate in front of the office before school. A sweet little boy named Jonathan had purchased a giant Hershey kiss for Jadyn with his own money. They were both super shy during the exchange but it really was the cutest thing:


Yes, Jadyn managed to skirt around the no candy at school in more ways than one. The six graders sold candy-grams as a fundraiser. For those not familiar, you pay $1 to have a lollipop attached to a little note delivered to someone in class at school. Jake wasn't interested but Jadyn wanted to send one to her best friend and to her 6th grade reading buddy. She then took the extra $1 Jake didn't want and let a friend borrow it to send a candy-gram too. And guess who that friend sent a candy-gram to? None other than Jadyn! I thought that was a pretty clever way of making sure she got one herself.

That night, opting to spend Valentine's as a family (not to mention the fact that I was nursing a cold), we had a fondue themed dinner complete with chocolate fondue for dessert and snuggled up with a move. Nothing says Valentine like the action super hero flick The Avengers.

I sure do love my Funny Valentine's.

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Cacey said...

Cute! Sophia's favorite fashion item is her little denim skirt similar to Jadyn's. Also, I think I stole your post title this year!