Friday, February 15, 2013

School Nights

Last Thursday was the annual school science fair and Jake was very excited to participate. He choose to do an experiment on the effect of surface texture by rolling a marble down a ramp with different materials to see on which the marble went the furthest. He correctly guessed that the marble would roll the farthest on smoother surfaces. The experiment became a family affair as Joe made the ramp, I helped Jake with the write up and poster board and we all got in on the action during the actual experiment.

Here Jake is showing off his experiment to younger students who came to visit the classroom:


 And at the schoolwide science fair that night with his participation certificate. He was so proud!:


On Friday, Joe and Jadyn attended the father/daugther social at school for the second year in a row. Jadyn had a really good time last year and was very excited to go again this year. Joe is such a good sport for taking her because I know these events are not his cup of tea:



While they were at the social, Jake and I had some bonding time including a car picnic at Sonic and a round of Battleship at home (I won!).

It was a busy week full of fun activities at school.

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Cacey said...

I have a feeling I would really have to drag Matthew to a daddy/daughter dance too, but he would do it for his little girl, just like Joe! Elijah's super into Battleship right now too, and I usually beat him too. No mercy!