Monday, February 11, 2013

The Missed Recital

Last weekend Jadyn was supposed to perform with her cheer class in the winter recital for the dance studio she attends. However, let me tell you Jadyn has the worst luck ever when it comes to getting sick. Two years ago we had to cancel her birthday party due to her having a 24 hour stomach bug. This time she came down with a stomach bug at 12 noon on the day of recital. I spent all day taking care of her and holding out hope that it would pass quickly enough for me to take her, have her perform and then bring her home but it just wasn't meant to be. 

Initially she was really, really upset but honestly as the day wore on, she felt so horrible I don't think she could even think about the fact that she was missing her recital. She was miserable. 

I took it hard too. I knew how much work she had put into learning this routine and how excited she was to perform it. Not usually the "glass half full' kind of gal, I did manage to find the bright side of the situation. 1) Jadyn was better the next day. 2) I took pictures and video the night of dress rehearsal so I have Jadyn performing with her class and on the video, she did her best X-jump ever. 3) She is wearing the same costume for spring recital. I might just put her in a bubble the week prior to make sure nothing like this every happens again.

Almost the whole squad before going on stage:

Jadyn in the spotlight:


Hip hop cheer:


Concentrating hard on her "K" move:


Ending pose:


The WHOLE routine. I usually don't post videos and especially ones this long BUT this situation deserves an exception:

AND in other news, Jadyn will be performing quite a bit this spring as not only will she be in the spring dance recital but she was given a minor role (kind of like the chorus) in the school's spring musical "Westward Whoa".

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Kara said...

Cute! Sorry she had to miss. I won't lie I seriously try to keep my kids in a bubble before big events. Especially after the Christmas we all had the flu. :/