Friday, July 6, 2012

Pool Play

And although with it being summer you would think that pool play refers to well, playing in the pool, it doesn't. In this case it refers to how we spent our last weekend - watching Jake and his baseball team compete in pool play for the All-Star tournament. It was HOT (like 105 degrees) with a breeze and some shade to save us from completely melting. It was also exhausting. They played two games both Saturday and Sunday. Even just as a spectator, I was spent at the end of the day. BUT, it was also a lot of fun and completely worth it. Not to mention that Jake's team won all 4 games, therefore going into this weekend's tournament seeded #1. Yucca Red is THE team to beat.

Jake showing off his new uniform before heading down to the field:

At bat - photo courtsey of Hi-Desert Star newspaper (this was on their website):

 Between games on Saturday we headed into Palm Springs for lunch at (where else?) RUBYS:

 Field ready (batter in the box) in left field:

After the first day of games we came home and immediately got in the pool to cool off:

On Sunday, the whole team decided to rock the eye black:

And even though she wasn't out there on the field, after two days of being outside in the heat, Jadyn was EXHAUSTED:

I am so glad that Jake was able to play All-Stars this year. Seeing the skill level of his teammates has really motivated him and he is enjoying himself. He had some rough at bats but also had some good base hits too. When you are practicing 4 nights a week and spending 8 hour days with the players and their families, you become close really quick and I love that sense of camaraderie.

The team will go into tournament play on Saturday afternoon after a first round bye. We are now in double elimination tournament play and the HEAT IS ON. Go Yucca Red!

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