Thursday, July 19, 2012

By any other name

Back in the day, the single wide mobile homes along the beach and marina at the base were referred to as cottages. That is how Joe and I remember them. Since upgrading to more permanent duplex condo-like structures, the base now refers to them as villas. But for some reason on this last trip, our family couldn't quite decide how to refer to them. When on the shore or out and about in the car, the place we stayed was called:

a house
a villa
a cottage
a cabin
or a combination of cottage and cabin, which is
a cabbage (Jadyn - are we going back to the cabbage now?)
or something that sounds like cottage but isn't
a carriage (Jake - how far are we from the carriage?)
or using a homonym to help you remember
a cottage cheese (Jadyn - did I leave my goggles at the cottage cheese?)

But most importantly, on several occasions it was referred to as home.

And that is why I love staying there, because it is familiar to us and never in my memory have we accidentally referred to our hotel room as home when on vacation.

The cabbages feel like home away from home.


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Love Jadyn's name for it... cottage cheese! love it!