Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Midsummer check-in

This has seriously been one of the busiest and most fun summers ever. And even with everything we have done, we still have had a fair amount of time to just hang out at home, relax and spend time as a family. But time flies when you are having fun and so I was a little taken aback to realize that we had passed the halfway point of summer break last week. I took a quick look at our list to see how we were doing and am pleased with how much we have already done.

Last week alone we had two play dates, went to the library and the splash park, attended a minor league baseball game, went to see Madagascar 3 and Brave at the drive-in and started our 2nd session of swim lessons.

Here are my two Dolphins on the first day of the new session:

Here are the kids with Rocky the bull at the Palm Springs Power game:

And Jadyn posing with Mony the monkey and Wacko himself from the magic/comedy show at the library:

Here is everything on the list we have done so far:

Go to a baseball game (minor and/or major)
Miniature golf
Movie theater - Madagascar 3, Ice Age 4, and Brave.
Drive in movie theater
Going out for frozen yogurt
Library summer reading program
Swim lessons
Swimming in our pool (A LOT)
Swimming at high school pool or spa pools *
Beach (hopefully at least twice) *
River ( A LOT) check out new areas along the river **
Sunburst Splash park
Play dates with friends
Sleepover with friends *
Grilling and eating outside on the patio
Family movie nights
Family game nights
Legoland **

And what we still have on the to do list. Those items bolded are the ones I am doubtful we will get to - the movie in the park because it is on Thursdays and after only a 2 week break from sports, Jake starts soccer practices starting this Tuesday and Thursday (with Jadyn's Monday and Wednesday practices starting next week). Although we won't technically be staying in a hotel at all (unless plans change) we will have stayed in cabins twice (once at the beach and once at the river) and finally the kids picked Legoland over the zoo on our beach trip and I don't think we will be back in San Diego this summer.

Visit our local museum
Visit Discovery Children's museum **
Movie theater - Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3
Concert(s) in the park
Movie(s) in the park
Visit local animal shelter Knott's Soak City *
Palm Desert Aquatics Center
Family dance parties with glow sticks
Water balloon toss
Sleep overnight in a tent
Stay in a hotel *
San Diego Zoo

Of course there is also a few items that were left off the list that are also big items for this summer like having learned to ride bikes without training wheels, which has led to several evening bike rides as a family and this Friday we are going to see a live action play at our local theater called Suessical the Musical and we are super excited for that. Also, we are currently reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and then watching the corresponding movie, which will lead up to the early August release of the 3rd movie in the franchise.

Summer might be more than halfway over, but I am not going to let that slow us down or stop us from having the best summer yet!

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Joanna said...

You are way cooler than my mom ever was. What a fun summer so far. It looks like you guys are making the most of every moment.