Friday, July 20, 2012

Look Who's Riding Now

As if I haven't had enough blogging material between all of our summer adventures, beach trip and All-Star tournament, both the kids hit another special milestone in the last few weeks - riding their bikes without training wheels!!!!

Now I know they are probably both late on this one, especially Jake, but we don't exactly live in an area conducive for kids riding bikes - no sidewalks, no bike lanes and oh, have I mentioned that we live on a hill with a somewhat sloped driveway? Going downhill is super fun once you are comfortable on your bike but learning on it? Not so much. But enough with the excuses.

We have tried to motivate the kids, particularly Jake, several times but after so many park play dates recently, Jake has seen all the other kids riding around and realized his training wheels were hindering him A LOT. So we took him out on our street and he was balancing in no time!

It took Jadyn a little longer. She got it down after we realized that while Jake is probably ready for the next size bike, Jadyn had completely outgrown her 12 inch and it was making for a very squirrely ride. Once she tried Jake's bike, she was fine. So guess who got a new 16 inch Disney Princess bike?

I just love how happy and giggly the kids are when they are riding their bikes. It makes my heart swell. I also enjoy watching how each of the kids differs in their crashing style. Jake full-on wipes out. Jadyn finds a way to jump off her bike before it falls over. It's pretty funny to watch.

Since Joe already had a bike and I wanted to be able to go for short rides as a family, we also got a new bike for me as well. I seriously probably haven't ridden a bike since early high school.

I am so excited to have ditched the kids training wheels because I foresee a lot of riding in our futures! Could this summer get any better?


Carrie77 said...

I have yet to even start this with Nathan... its been SO HOT here. Good job!!!!

Beth said...

Way to go Jake and Jadyn! I'm jealous of your bike, though. I really want us all to have bikes, too, but we have nowhere to store them at our house. Ed thinks we'd never use them, even if we got them. I have to admit, I'm a little bit afraid of bike riding around here. Too much traffic!