Friday, July 22, 2011

Phone Photo Friday

I think I have mentioned that I haven't been lugging my camera around everywhere we go - just trying to live in the moment a little more and even though it takes horrible pictures 99.9% of the time, I do always have my phone in case their is a moment that just has to be captured.

Such as this; Jake and Kuma passed out together on the way home from the river. As you can tell, from the chocolate smudges on Jake's face, he had a treat before taking a snooze:

What summer would ever be complete without late evening after dinner outings for frozen yogurt? We finally got Jake on board (he still doesn't like ice cream)! This was the evening I was along with the kids when Joe was still in Seal Beach for work:

And finally, yesterday I took the kids to the Summer Reading Program at the local library, which has really served its purpose of keeping the kids reading over the summer. Well this week they had a magician show - a guy by the name of Joel Ward who has appeared on the Tonight Show among other engagements. He was really entertaining but I couldn't get over how he not only resembled Neil Patrick Harris (and even made a Doogie Howser joke at some point) but even his mannerisms reminded me of NPH. The kids REALLY enjoyed the show. Here he is with a friend of Jadyn's who was lucky enough to be a volunteer on stage:

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