Monday, July 25, 2011

Magoomba Monday

So in between our disastrous and successful trip to the river, we have had a lot of the same this summer. And I mean that in a good way. Every day usually includes having friends over or going to someones house for a play date. Last week we started the second session of swim lessons so that has been keeping us busy as well. Finally, summer is also the time to get all those routine doctor appointments out of the way. So let me start this Magoomba with a bit of a health update on the kids:

Jake went for his 7 year well child visit. He weighs 48 pounds (10-15th percentile) and is 46 inches tall (also 10-15 percentile). Everything else was good with exception of his vision in his left eye still being much weaker than the right SO back to the eye doctor we went for a new prescription and another round of daily patching the good eye in order to strengthen the weak one. Good thing he likes Harry Potter and thinks glasses are cool.

Unrelated to his yearly checkup, last week Jake ended up with a double ear infection. I was really surprised and actually thought when he started complaining about his ear hurting that he had swimmer's ear from being in the water so much. I was surprised because 1) he almost never complains of pain with his ear infections and 2) they almost always follow a pretty bad cold. This one just didn't follow the normal MO.

Jadyn went for her 5 year well child visit. She weighs 39 pounds (50th percentile) and is 43 1/2 inches tall (75th percentile). With less than 3 inches separating them, I am starting to see why I get asked if they are twins. Other than that, Jadyn was healthy and got the all clear to start Kindergarten.

And just for comparison sake, Kuma is now 7 months old. We weighed him yesterday and he has officially passed both kids as he came in at 49 pounds. I am really curious how big he will be fully grown (my guess is around 70 pounds).

This past spring, there were a lot of family friendly movies that came out and we saw many of them in the theater. The exception to that was Rango. Well, we just saw it recently as it came out on DVD. While the kids didn't love it, they did enjoy it. However, I just didn't get it AT ALL. Not my kind of kid movie for sure. And if you have seen it, can anyone back me up on the weirdness or inappropriateness of Rango's Barbie companion at the beginning of the movie?

Still have not seen the newest Harry Potter (and don't even get me started on how impatient I am getting to finally go see it or why I haven't) but Friday night we hit up the drive in. Yes, our community still has a drive-in. Jake really wanted to see Transformers 3. I mean what with the military vehicles and planes and the new Nascar Autobots, we knew it was going to be right up his alley, so even though it wasn't very high on my priority list of movies, we decided to go see it. When the weather is right (not too hot, not too cold), the drive-in is a really novel way to see a movie. We invited Cruz and Tara and they show up with this chair:

Remember Jadyn's ridiculous Easter dress? Well I have named this the ridiculous chair. Cruz claims it is so big so you have enough room for all the drinks and snacks you need to sit through an entire game without getting up but seriously? This thing is HUGE! The kids had fun taking it over for awhile:

As of today, school will start in 30 days. We have made good progress on our summer to do list but still have a lot we want to do so we better get to it because summer is going to be over before we know it.

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