Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lots of splishing and a splashing

Despite the fact that we STILL have yet to make to the river this summer (and we are finally going this weekend, yeah), the kids have spent more time in the water than any summer before.

Mornings for the last 2 weeks have included swim lessons. Unfortunately, Jake missed moving up from the Stingrays to the Dolphins by two skills (out of a list of about 15). I am confident that by the end of the second set of lessons starting later this month, he will be able to pass. Jadyn, being her first year in Stingrays has really improved her forward stroke and continues to impress me with her fearlessness of the water.

Pretty much every afternoon has also included a second activity involving water. Case in point, last week for example:

Monday afternoon - Rose and the boys came to visit and all the kids went swimming in our pool.

Tuesday afternoon - we attended a playdate at the Niles house where the kids played on a slip-n-slide. While Jadyn still just runs across it, Jake started going on his knees and then finally really full out sliding on it. They love it:

Wednesday afternoon - playdate at his baseball coach's house where they again went swimming in their pool

Thursday - only day they were not in water a second time. Instead we went to the library summer reading program where they had a presentation by the owner of sled dogs who races the Iditarod. We got to pet a couple husky pups and the kids got to stand on a sled that was used in the movie Ironwill. And come to think of it, the kids may have gone swimming in our pool for awhile before dinner.

Friday - no swim lessons, but we headed over to Sunburst to enjoy the splash park. More water fun!

Yes, I think we are taking full advantage of the summer and finding more and more fun ways to keep cool in the heat.


Beth said...

Next year, I'm doing summer at your house! Reading your blog makes me wish I stayed home. You do an amazing job of keeping your kids busy and happy and finding fun things to do!

Carrie77 said...

Must be hot there with all of that water play!

Mel said...

I just love water play in the summer. It doesn't matter if it is 105 degrees, it feels great in the water!