Monday, March 21, 2011


So to give you an idea of how busy I have been, here are the pictures I took on St. Patrick's Day with every intention of posting them on Friday. I actually forgot about them until I went to download pictures off my camera. Yikes!

And our attempt at including Kuma:

-speaking of St. Patty's Day, Jadyn had the second of three appointments to take care of her cavities and she has become such an old pro at the whole ordeal that she was awarded the MVP Patient of the Day necklace from the technician. Now I don't know if they really only give this to one child a day, but she has never gotten it before. Truly she was a real trooper.

- As I have mentioned Jake is playing baseball. So why does that suddenly mean that I am all-consumed with everything Little League? Thursday night, Jake had practice during which I handed out information and uniforms to all the parents. Friday, Jake had machine pitch practice (his first time, he did okay connecting with the ball twice). Immediately following that I had a team mom clinic, where I got to find out all the fun things I signed up for by agreeing to the title, which included finding a scorekeeper for when our team is home. Since I don't know if I will be able to find someone, I then attended the scorekeeper clinic to learn how to do that in case I have to (and in all likelihood, I will). Saturday morning we woke up and attended opening ceremonies for the league. Thankfully Jake did not have a game that day and so we got a little bit of a reprieve.

- The reprieve included me taking the kids out on a date Saturday night. Jake chose McDonalds for dinner because he loves the indoor play area. I wasn't too thrilled with his choice so I sneaked in a sandwich from neighboring Quiznos. But then I forgot it is March and therefore McDonalds has shamrock shakes (yum!) so I splurged on one of those for dessert. Jadyn chose for us to all go see "Mars needs Moms". Really cute movie. Yes the premise of loving and respecting your mom can sometimes feel like a really long public service announcement but since my kids are 4 and 6 and I am, well a mom who wants to be loved and respected, I kind of didn't mind.

- Sunday, I chose to go for a run instead of getting my grocery shopping done (I blame the bad influence of my MoveIt 2011 tribe) before we headed out to visit Grandma and Grandpa Stevens and then the kids I continued on to cousin Ethan's 6th birthday party at a pizza place. Jake was in heaven since the theme of the party was military (Call of Duty Black Ops to be precise and precisely what Jake's birthday theme will be this year too). We all had a really good time.

- Back to the whole baseball thing (again, I know). I am feeling somewhat guilty because Jadyn had said she wanted to play t-ball back in January when I was signing up Jake and I kind of talked her out of it because I really didn't think she would like it and it was really hard in the fall when she was still doing ballet and they were both playing soccer. But now I see her looking at the younger kids practicing when we are there for Jake and I kind of wonder if I should have just let her try it out. Maybe next year if she is still interested.

-In the meantime Jadyn continues to entertain me with the songs, dances and stories she makes up, not to mention watching her when her favorite song comes on - The Neon Trees 1983. I see a Kids Bop CD in our near future.

-So it's spring right? Well not according to the weather here. It is cold, windy and today it was even rainy. We are supposed to remain in the 50's this week. I want sunshine and flip-flop weather people! And no for those of you from other parts of the country, 50 is not suitable flip-flop weather.

-No time to read lately but was very disappointed in how the Bachelor ended up. From the looks of things, Brad and Emily are headed to Splitsville, although the honesty during the after show was refreshing. Either way, I am back to boycotting that series. There is a fine line between guilty pleasure and waste of time and I know where that show falls for me. Meanwhile last week's episode of Glee was AMAZING and Fringe really threw me for a loop (there is no end to the range these actors can pull off).

Nice, how if you are friends with me on Facebook, you basically just got the extended version of the last week. Can we say lazy?

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