Friday, March 25, 2011

A Funny Nose Knows

Jake received the star reading award for the 2nd trimester in a row for reading at or above grade level. I am super proud of all the progress he has made in the language arts this school year. And let this picture serve as a reminder to me that he desperately needs a haircut:

One of the phrases that Jake has been saying a lot lately is "I need to wake out of it". He means essentially that he needs to snap out of it, like when he is doing his nightly reading and misses a word because he is tired or not paying close attention.

One of Jadyn's favorite phrases right now occurs when she is asked to wait her turn to speak or Jake talks over her. She will whine and cry and exclaim, "You made me forgot my words!" She is so serious when she says it, really truly upset. But I can't help but smile. Oh, the drama of having a little girl.

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Mel said...

Analese's phrase is "You are distracting me!" Or, "Mariele, quit distracting me!" - at those times when Mariele is being pesky.