Thursday, March 24, 2011


This is considered progress and so far it only seems to be happening with Friday (the younger of our two cats):

I know it is progress because 1) Friday IS playing with Kuma. He bats at him but his claws are not out and he will run, jump up somewhere and then swish his tail back and forth as if to say, "Come on, come get me!".

As for Jazz, she still has her claws out and she is still hissing. If only you could explain to Kuma not to lunge after them full speed, maybe she would come around quicker.

Poor Kuma, he only wants to play. He can't really be around other dogs or places strange dogs have been until 17 weeks of age when he will have been fully vaccinated for 1 week. Until then he can only be around dogs we are 100% sure are healthy. He has met my in-laws dogs and Grandma Anita's dogs who are all smaller breeds and older and not interested in playing with a puppy. Then of course we had Cruz's Great Danes here and they too are older and not interested in having a puppy nipping at their heels. Even the dog at the vet the other day when Kuma was getting his 3rd set of shots, put up with him momentarily and then let him know he too was not interested.

But tomorrow, Kuma starts puppy education classes and I am so excited. First of all, he will be in a class with 7 other puppies, all of whom have been verified for health and vaccinations and so finally Kuma will have someone to play with who has the same energy level he does. Also, I have very fond memories of taking Utah to obedience class. I really feel like it strengthened our bond and I can't wait to start teaching Kuma new things (he is already sitting for me pretty well).

And speaking of vet appointments, Kuma has gained a whooping 5 pounds in the 2 1/2 weeks between appointments. Can you see how much he has grown:

Things are going good with Kuma. When the weather is decent, he is pretty much 100% housetrained. When the weather is bad or we have company and he is extra excited, he tends to have some accidents and he is still not used to be in the crate when we are gone but Kuma is smart and loyal and loving, exactly what we hoped for. Progressing, growing and capturing our heart more and more with each passing day.

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Angela said...

Oh, the pics of Kuma and Friday are TOO CUTE for words!!!