Friday, December 10, 2010

Serious Magoomba

Serious both both because some of the subject matter is serious and also because I can not be more random then all of the following (sorry I got a little link happy, should keep everyone busy for awhile):

1) Two nights ago two of my Aunts (my mom's sisters) were in a car accident when they were t-boned in a shopping center parking lot. My Aunt Bunny is sore but otherwise fine. My Aunt Janet however, sustained some serious injuries including internal bleeding and a broken hip and pelvis. She had two surgeries yesterday, one to remove her spleen and the other to try and control the bleeding. She is currently sedated in ICU. Things are looking better but she is not out of the woods yet. Thought and prayers would be appreciated. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that this happened in a parking lot. The holidays should be a time when people are extra courteous and kind to others but unfortunately I have seen a lot of people who are just so worried about what THEY have to do and WHERE they have to be that they are rushing around and driving while distracted and it just makes me so sad because that is not what the holiday spirit is all about.

2) Okay enough of my ranting. Yesterday Jake received two awards for the 1st trimester of school - the Star Reading award for reading at or above grade level and the Spelling 100. I am super proud of him for these awards because language arts is not even his strong subject and he has worked very hard to make the progress he has in this subject. Go Jake!

3) In other Jake news, he has his first loose tooth! It kind of took us by surprise because the dentist thought with his premature mouth (courteous of me) that he would be 7 before he started loosing teeth but sure enough one of his bottom front teeth is pretty wiggly. Jake is both excited and nervous. I am however, still trying to figure out when he got so old.

4)Jadyn's ballet class is gearing up for their first recital in late January/early February and therefore she is actually learning choreography right now. I think it has renewed her interest and I just cannot wait to see her and her little friends in costume on stage. I don't think she will get stage fright but we will see.

5) This weekend, Joe has another big project planned as we are getting a ton (or more, they are pretty heavy) of decorative brick delivered so he can build the retaining wall along the back fence line. I can't wait for it to be done because then we can move on from hardscape to landscape. I am going to need a lot of professional help however, as I do not particularly have a green thumb.

6)Tomorrow I am once again taking off the Mommy hat and going to a festival-type lineup concert. I am super excited to be seeing the Black Keys, Sleigh Bells, Temper Trap, Against Me and a band we saw at Coachella, Tokyo Police Club. It should be a fun night.

7) Planning has gotten into full swing for some fun fitness-related activities for 2011. Joe is running the Carlsbad half marathon in January and as part of the weekend's activities we also signed the kids up to run the children's marathon mile, in which the course runs through Legoland. Then on Valentine's weekend I am going to be running the Palm Springs5K ( my first ever, yikes!). Finally, it looks like a group of us are going to run the SoCal Warrior Dash. I think I might be crazy or going through some midlife crisis or some combination of both. For those who know me, doing this would be very unlike me but what the heck, it looks like a ton fun.

8) I still believe. Joanna recently wrote a thought provoking post about doing the Santa Claus thing with the kids. It reminded me of this post from 2 Christmases ago that I wrote trying to figure out why I could not read or watch the Polar Express without crying. From the discussion, someone posted a link to this article, which I thought summed up my philosophy on why I still believe.

9) Finally if you haven't been watching this season of The Amazing Race, then let me tell you why you should: because history will hopefully be made when the season finale airs this Sunday and we finally, finally see an all female team take the top prize. If the couple wins, I will be extremely disappointed, not just because it is a couple but because I do not feel this particular couple would be very deserving. Personally I am rooting for the doctors Nat and Kat but would be equally excited to see the annoying Brooke and her sidekick Claire cross the finish line first too. Girl power!

Hope everyone has some fun holiday activities planned for this weekend. Remember to slow down and enjoy the season and keep my Aunt Janet in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks.


Karen said...

I completely agree with your assessment of the teams left in The Amazing Race! I will be very disappointed if the couple wins.

Hope that your aunt continues to improve!

Julie said...

Thinking about your Aunt and hoping she makes a speedy recovery. I totally agree, everyone is in such a HURRY!

Yay to you for taking off your mommy hat! I should do that more often. Have a great night!