Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Magoomba

Never meant to take a hiatus from blogging. Sometimes life just gets in the way.

1) First and foremost, my Aunt Janet is getting stronger and stronger every day. I have to admit that first weekend was pretty touch and go by all reports I was getting from my cousin but this past week, she made tons of progress. Thanks for all your kind words and thoughts.

2) The concert was great (Sleigh Bells rocked), the retaining wall is coming along nicely, although the project was stalled due to the unusually rainy weather we have been having, Jake still has not lost that first tooth and the all female doctor duo won the Amazing Race, therefore making history. Hip, hip, hooray! Here are the kids "helping" daddy move the dirt around:

3) I have created a monster. I mentioned that Jadyn recently had her first cup of hot chocolate when we went to meet Santa at the tree lighting ceremony. Then last week when we were shopping at the outlet mall, she got her very first Starbucks kids hot chocolate. She is officially addicted. Here she is complete with her jeans tucked into her boots and Starbucks in hand, looking just like Mommy.

I enjoyed a peppermint white chocolate mocha. My first of the season believe it or not.

4) Speaking of addictions, Jake has been quite into his video games lately. He takes after Daddy on this one. Here he is playing his game while conversing with Scottie who was playing him online. We have set limits on his game playing time, especially now that he is on winter break.

5) So, as I mentioned the weather for the past 4 or 5 days has been pretty wet. Big change from a week ago when we were enjoying sunny skys and temps reaching 70 (warm for us even in this part of SoCal). Here is some pictures to document the contrast.

The kids playing with their water table because it was actually warm enough to be splashing in the water:

The kids all bundled up to play with the mud puddles created around where the water table is standing full of rain water:

Lots of fun festive activities to report on from the past week - Jadyn's preschool holiday party, decorating the kids trees and one of my favorite traditions, our annual visit to the Wild Lights at the zoo. I can't believe Christmas is only 5 days away! Hope you get all your last minute shopping and preparing done. Enjoy the season!


Mel said...

Merry Christmas. I have to admit, there is something extra special about a Starbucks hot cocoa. Next she will want to add some hazelnut. I highly recommend!

Joanna said...

LOL, you've created a mini-you. not that it's hard with Starbucks around.

I really like the homeiness of this post. What things are like when you are just chillin'.