Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

And in less than 10 minutes, the scene we happened upon had turned into this:

But in that 10 minutes there was a lot of this:

Jadyn opened a few presents I had picked out for her myself that she had not asked for. She would open it and say, "this wasn't on my list, but I like it anyway!"

And then the big decision. What do I play with first????

Several hours later, I mentioned to the kids that we were going to Grandpa and Grandma's house for Christmas dinner. They were very concerned of course, about leaving their new toys. I told them they could each pack what they wanted in their backpacks. Well in 10 minutes flat, Jadyn had packed all her bean bag babies, the dog from her Barbie vet set and walkie-talkies and was ready to GO! Notice anything wrong? She is still in her pajamas! LOL!

Christmas with the Funny Nose family was lovely. The tamale dinner was delicious. The kids got to play with their cousins. More gifts were opened of course. And I got to take some pictures by the tree:

With their cousins posing:

And with their cousins playing dog pile:

Our niece Lilly playing with the box Jake's Nerf gun came in. How cute is she?:

Last year Grandpa Bob stole the show from our carefully chosen gifts for the kids with his "Bag-o-crap"(his words) that included noise makers and all kinds of other things parents generally won't buy for their own children for the sake of their sanity. Well leave it to Grandpa Bob to steal the show once again, this year with burp guns! Grandma asked the boys to pose for a picture and while concentrating on that, Grandpa came around the corner with a surprise attack. This picture is hilarious as not only did it capture the surprise on the boys' faces but Jake looks like he is going to inadvertently eat the ball. Needless to say, these guns were played with the majority of the night. And no Aidan is not about to cry. He was laughing about it. Trust me.

And so ends another great holiday. It took us all of Sunday to recuperate from all the excitement. Definitely a Christmas to remember.

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