Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tis the Season

Although I took many pictures over the last two days before winter break, first at Jadyn's winter holiday party at preschool and then Jake's Awards/performance and picnic/party at kindergarten, there is not a single picture that could hold a candle to the snapshot in my head that I want to remember about this holiday season.

At the end of a very long and busy day, at the end of a very long and busy week, Jake sat nestled on the rug in his classroom between his best friend Sam and playing host to his visiting sister Jadyn and they sat quietly together holding hands as his teacher read "Twas the Night before Christmas". Jake and Jadyn then helped pass out magic reindeer food to each of his classmates, as they exclaimed "Merry Christmas", which was received with equally enthusiastic thank yous and Merry Christmases in return. No picture could have captured those moments like they are now in my head. It was simply priceless and a perfect way to start winter vacation.

Having said that however, I did take quite a few photos too. Jadyn's class party consisted of making gingerbread houses, a gift exchange and a small but sweet performance where the preschoolers doned their freshly made elf hats and sang "Jingle Bells" and "We Wish you a Merry Christmas". Here is Jadyn with one of her teachers Ms. Malerie and her friend Stephanie:

And here she is during the performance:

And with her pal Hayden:

At home posing by the tree (and me still working on that off-center thing):

Jake's festivities included another short award ceremony where he received 3 more awards for knowing all his basic colors, shapes and being able to identify, describe and create AB, AABB and ABC patterns. His class then sang two Christmas songs before we enjoyed a picnic lunch and the aforementioned holiday story. Here is Jake singing up on stage. As you can see, his class had also made very similar elf hats:

And later receiving one of his awards:

And I love this picture of Jake surrounded by his two besties at school, Sam and Evan:

So we are now officially on Winter break and I think I needed a break from playing Mommy Taxi more than the kids needed a break from school. But of course, tis the season so even without school, we have still been busy, busy busy! But not to busy to stop and have some quality time at home as a family and a chance to count our blessings and reflect on what the holiday spirit means to us.


LauraC said...

Hope the time off means hitting up twitter. HA HA!

After Christmas let's touch base about Phoenix. I have family here now but they're leaving Friday.

Joanna said...

So very sweet. I love the mental picture that the kids gifted you with.

You know, something I always notice about pictures of your kids is how engaged they always seem when you take pictures of them. They are both really photogenic, but there is just a certain "moreness" to them in pictures. They always look like they are really friendly, pleasant kids.

*Kc* said...

Love that last pic of Jake! HE looks so grown up and full of life :)

LOVE this time of year and seeing all of the pictures that come along with it.