Saturday, December 19, 2009

Photos of the Week

My submissions for this week's photography class assignment.

Portrait mode utilizing the two composition principles of lines/directions and rule of thirds:

Sports mode utilizing the two composition principles of tone/color and rule of thirds:

Trying to break my habit of always centering my subject is going to take some work, but I am trying. This upcoming week we venture away from basic modes and tackle aperture and shutter speed - my kryptonite. I have tried to teach myself this subject time and time again but when I go to take pictures, I just freeze as to how to set the camera controls so we will see how it goes!


LauraC said...

Love the pictures!

On the non-centering thing, I find the pictures that I end up loving the most are the ones that are not centered. Probably my favorite picture of Nate is the last one here and you can see his eyes are right at the intersection of both thirds (intentionally since that's how I shot it):

And the Christmas picture of the boys outside, I was trying to get their eyes on the upper third line and they were not so cooperative. That's the hardest of taking pics!!

LauraC said...

PS have you thought about uploading them to flick? I noticed a HUGE photo quality improvement by hosting them on flickr rather than on blogger.