Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Day at the Funny Noses

Santa stuck to his plan of bringing the Funny Nose kids something they want (GeoTrax airport for Jake, castle for Jadyn), something they need (new bikes), something they wear (sleeping bags) and something they read (Jedi Reading and Disney princess Leapster games) as well as various goodies in their stockings.

This photo is priceless in showing where Jake's heart truly lies; with his new NASCAR diecasts:

Even Jazz got in on the action, hopping into Jadyn's castle:

Checking out their new bikes:

Flying his new plane:

Giving their new bikes a test drive:

And an idea I got from Laura's Mommy Journal, although I seriously doubt she ever handed her boys real hammers - the kids smashed up and destroyed the gingerbread house they decorated earlier in the month. They had a blast and this will definitely become a yearly tradition.

Oh and what Christmas Day would be complete without a picture of Jake with his Fun Dip stained blue teeth wearing his underwear on his head???????

PJ photo op:

A rare photo of me without my full face of make-up:

And in addition to our lovely and low-key Christmas Day at home, the medication seems to be helping Utah, although it would now appear that as soon as we stop giving it to him, the diarrhea returns. Not a good sign. So right now his quality of life remains our top priority as we spend lots of extra time petting and snuggling with him. We feel so blessed to have had him as part of our family and that we were able to enjoy our Christmas at home with him.


LauraC said...

You would be SO SO wrong. Wait until you see our pictures tomorrow!

LauraC said...

Dang I clicked Publish too soon. I am really sorry to hear about Utah. Really truly sorry.

LauraC said...

Okay back for another comment. I decided to post the pictures today!

Steph said...

Merry Christmas!