Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Getting into the Spirit

I seriously don't know how I managed to go almost an entire week without blogging again. Oh wait, that's right - I have been spending so much time volunteering at Jake's school, helping the PTA get things ready for all their winter events that I have seriously considered setting up a cot to sleep there. One day soon I will get caught up. I still need to finish my posts on Jake's soccer season and let everyone know what Jadyn has been up to since officially turning 3 1/2.

So the holiday season is in full swing. I finally got the kids to agree to wear their matching Santa PJs on the same night so I could snap this super cute picture of them by the tree:

I also like this one, even though Jadyn is not looking at the camera. It also shows how tall she is getting it and it shows how little our tree is. I originally wanted a tree that would not overwhelm our modest living room but now it just seems SO small. We are definitely going to hit up the after Christmas sales to snag a bigger tree for next year.

Saturday we went to the Winter Fest in Beaumont, where my brother and his family live. My sister in-law Tawnya had rented a booth to sell her amazingly cute bows and memo boards and I wanted to go and support her. Here we are after setting up:

While there the kids were able to enjoy the sledding hill with their cousins Madison and Ethan:

And get their pictures taken with Santa and Ms. Claus:

This worked out perfectly because now I don't have to feel guilty this Saturday when I work the school's Winter Fest and miss all the fun, not to mention the fact that Joe will be out of town for two weeks. So any more pre-holiday family fun is going to have to be squeezed into that last week before Christmas, including our annual trip to the Wild Lights at The Living Desert. And can I just mention the weather? Baby, it's cold outside! Or at least for us here on the west coast and considering how warm our fall has been. The next town over actually got snow last night. I was actually disappointed. If it's going to be this cold, we might as well get some snow out of the deal.

So yes, the holiday season is in full swing at Casa de Funny Nose. Hope yours is off to a great start as well.


LauraC said...

But how do you like the new camera?!

Joanna said...

You are right, you either need a bigger tree, or your kids need to stop growing, LOL.

Mel said...

That sledding looks so much fun!

*Kc* said...

Love the PJS!! Your tiny little tree is adorable. I bet your kids love being almost as tall as the tree.

Hope your sis n law did good on her show.

Carrie77 said...

Love the pj's, I waited too long and now I can't find Christmas pj's anywhere...not that my kids will sit and smile for me by the tree anyway ;) The sledding looks super dooper fun and Mrs Claus looks like she has a candy cane coming out of her head ;) heheh. CUte pics