Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Working it Out Wednesday

Preparing for the holidays.

With Halloween over, holiday planning is in full swing. That does not mean I need to hear Christmas carols and see fully decorated trees in stores but I do like to plan ahead so I can enjoy a stress-free holiday season as much as possible.

Ever since having kids, I have been guilty of going overboard with Christmas and after last year, Joe and I decided that it was time for us (read: me) to tone it down a notch before the kids came to expect being spoiled every year. To help with that end, I am using a little saying that someone passed on to me via the April 2004 birth club on Baby Center. I just love it!

Each child will be receiving the following from Santa:

Something they want

Something they need

Something they wear

Something they read

I am hoping to start a tradition in the Funny Nose household based on this little diddy and now that the kids' lists to Santa have been made, I am going to serve as Santa's helper and start shopping for deals. FYI: I do not do Black Friday but I have found that A LOT of retailers do some great deals between Halloween and Thanksgiving so my goal is to be 75% done with ALL of our holiday shopping before Black Friday even hits.

And what I love most about those I have met through the kids' birth clubs and my blog, is that I am not alone in my constant need to plan ahead. However, Joe likes to point out that just because I can find people like me through the internet, it doesn't mean I am not crazy. It just means I can find people just as crazy as me. LOL! How is that for working it out?

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LauraC said...

That's what we do for the holidays! Or rather something similar. We do:

* a book
* new pair of pajamas
* one outfit
* one big gift
* stocking stuffers (candy, small toys)

They get so many presents from other people that toning it down from us makes it easier and also makes us think about ONE thing they need.