Sunday, November 15, 2009

Magoomba Monday #23

1) First things first, yes I have been MIA with my blog for over a week now and it wasn't planned nor for any real good reason. Life just got in the way and on the rare occasion I actually had time to sit down and blog, I simply didn't feel like it. Yes we have been busy - but I have been plenty more busy on many a week where I still managed to publish a post or two. I promise though, everything is fine.

2) This week, however is quite a big week. Thursday (technically Friday) at midnight I will be watching the much, much anticipated sequel to Twilight on the big screen. I have not followed all the hoopla associated with this movie quite as much but I am still very excited - this installment was my favorite from the series and it looks like they turned out a much better adaptation. I am currently re-reading New Moon right now to brush up before I see the movie.

3) Then of course on Friday morning, Jake is having his hernia repair surgery. I am starting to get nervous but I know everything will be fine. I sat down and explained what Jake could expect - that he was going to the doctor to have his belly button fixed, that they would help him sleep so he wouldn't feel it when they did it and that I would be there the moment he woke up. He is not all together excited about "sleeping at the doctors" but he does want to know what the surprise is that I promised him afterwards.

4) Last week was Veteran's Day of course and we celebrated by doing the one thing Joe absolutely loathes the most - we took family photos for our annual holiday card. Although our photo shoot was everything Joe feared it would be (kids not cooperating, over 200 photos snapped in various poses), my friend Rose from Beyer Life got some absolutely fabulous shots and I am super excited about how our card turned out. Let me just say, it has flavor.

5) Earlier in the week, we did get to do something a little more fun that was also at least in part, thanks to Joe's veteran status. We got to go to Knott's Berry Farm Amusement Park for FREE! It was our first time taking the kids and our first visit in about 12 years at least. More on this later.

6) Once again soccer season is over as quickly as it began. Jake had his end of the season party after his last game and then last Tuesday, the division wide awards ceremony. More on this later too.

7) It would appear that our Indian Summer has come to an end. We are usually warm through Halloween and this year, save for a short cold front back in October, the comfortable temps hung around a few weeks longer - and we are still averaging highs in the 60's. However, between the earlier nightfall and overnight lows, the evenings have been getting pretty chilly. Still wanting to spend time outdoors, Joe and his ingenious ideas found a way to give the kids Power Wheel vehicles, "headlights", which the kids of course got a major kick out of. Here they are going for an evening drive:



And enjoying themselves next to a cozy outdoor fire after doing several laps around the house:


Hope everyone has a great and productive start to their week!

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