Tuesday, November 3, 2009

In Character

As I have mentioned before in a previous post, our family has recently jumped on The Hogwarts Express and become devoted Harry Potter fans. Both Joe and I have read the entire series (Joe twice) and as a family, we have seen all the movies probably about 4 times each, if not more.

One of the ideas I tried to pimp for Halloween was to have the kids dress up like Harry and Hermione (you know how I like to coordinate)! I was even going to join in the fun by going as the Sorting Hat. However, my idea was rejected. So it was pretty ironic when only a week prior to Halloween, I found the kids running around the house using toy sticks as wands, waving them with a perfectly timed swish and flick and exclaiming, "Expecto Patronum!" To further get into character, Jake had put on his glasses and Jadyn was carrying around one of her stuffed animal cats who was acting as Hermione's cat Crookshanks. They then proceeded to use the linen closet as an elevator and very seriously told me of their plan to catch Malfoy.

Yes, they are definitely characters alright.

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London said...

Too cute! We're big Harry Potter fans around here too and can be frequently seen casting spells on each other.