Wednesday, June 5, 2013

School Notes

As I have mentioned, with the school year winding down (only 6 more days of school, not that I am counting), there has been a ton of end of school year activities over the last few weeks.

Not that this necessarily has to do with the end of the school year but last week I gave Jake permission to bring home a snake that his class had been keeping. The teacher's son had caught it and she brought it in to share. This is the time of year where snakes are out and about. This particular guy (or gal) is a Rosy Boa the class named Rosie. Jake quickly became obsessed and said he wanted to have a pet snake, that is until I explained how we would have to feed him. That seemed to end the discussion but it didn't stop the kids from having a blast with Rosie during his overnight visit with us:




I think I have mentioned that Jake's amazing teacher this year directs both the winter and spring musicals. This year she had her class learn the song "Hair" from the musical "Hair" and perform it in the annual talent show. I was very excited for my normally reserved shy Jake to have a chance to perform and see what he thought. I was even more thrilled to find that he really got into it and enjoyed it. I was super impressed with the performance (she had a little choreography and even some transitions). If I get a good recording of the performance I will post it but for now some pictures will have to suffice:




Finally this week were the 3rd trimester award assemblies. Jadyn earned the Star Reading award for the 3rd trimester in a row and Jake made the Dean's List also for all 3 trimesters. I am so proud of what good students they are. I am very pleased with how hard they both worked and how much they have both learned this year. I can't believe I am about to have a 2nd and 4th grader!



But school isn't out quite yet. We still have field day, the final Friday flag and the 3rd trimester AR program rewards. On top of that Jake has one more baseball game and an end of season party and Jadyn's dance recital is next week (I will promptly be placing her in a bubble so she doesn't get sick again). 

It just never ends and you know what? I love it!


Carrie said...

We have Aut's dance recital on Monday. I can't believe you are all in school still! Congrats on the Dean's List and Reading Award!

Janna said...

I HATE SNAKES! I would NEVER let one in my house. In fact, if one even shows up in our yard, we have to move. :)

I love the pictures of Jake's class doing "Hair". Brilliant!

Happy Almost Summer!

Stacey said...

I'm with Janna. SNAKES ARE HORRIBLE!! But your kids are cute! Congrats on their achievements.