Thursday, March 21, 2013

Read Across America Week

Our school celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday a few weeks back with Read Across America Week and themed dress up days for each school day.

Mondays are reserved for school spirit days throughout the year so we ALL put on our Onaga Thunderbird shirts and added CRAZY HAIR DAY! Mine was removable. I knew that Afro-circus wig from our Madagascar 3 Blu-Ray purchase would come in handy someday.



Tuesday was career day. Eighteen months ago for Red Ribbon week the kids dressed up as a Marine and an art teacher and a year and half later, they chose to dress up in the same future career choices:


Wednesday was crazy sock day but for Jadyn, it turned into a full on ode to 80's neon:


Thursday was dress as your favorite Dr. Seuss character and let's keep it real people. Tears were shed. We didn't get the list of activities for this school event until Monday. Between Monday and Thursday I did not have time to order anything or go shopping for anything. Jadyn really wanted to dress up as CindyLou Who and on Thursday night, I frantically went through her stuff and could not piece something together that was acceptable to her. Jadyn got upset. I got upset. It was not a proud mommy moment. By morning, we were both in brighter spirits and Jadyn was satisfied wearing her Grinch Christmas t-shirt with a promise that we would get her a Cat in the Hat hat to have on hand the next time something like this rolls around. And to be fair, at school that day, I saw a lot of very creative Thing 1 and 2 costumes that were pieced together at the last minute. These costume ideas were stored away for future reference.


 And finally, pajama day! It landed on a perfect icy cold, almost snow day and yes, I absolutely participated and wore my PJs to school. I was so comfy all day but it really made me want to curl up in a corner of the classroom and take a nap. It probably doesn't help that I was coming down with the flu either.


I have really been enjoying working at the school and participating with the kiddos in activities like this. I am really crossing my fingers that my position there becomes permanent soon.

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Lindsay said...

Love the neon pic! She's so cute =)