Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

Still so far behind, I am going to start with the most recent and attempt to catch up this week.

Not helping is the fact that we do not have spring break for THREE more weeks! We must have the latest spring break out of everyone!

Very nice Easter weekend. Saturday we met up with some friends for a community egg hunt. It was divided by grade levels and pretty much over in the blink of an eye but the kids had fun.

Here are the younger crew, Jadyn with Michael and his cousin Cecelia (who is also in Jadyn's cheer class):


And Dominic and Jake, the best buds:


Later that evening, we got together with the same group of friends to dye Easter eggs, make some Easter crafts and just generally have fun.





The Easter bunny brought baskets for the kids filled with cool stuff like mini Nerf guns, nail polish, bubbles, glow in the dark silly putty, hot wheels, books, a kitty cat and of course, candy!


I was shocked and very pleased to find that the first thing Jake did was starting reading the newest installment of one of his favorite book series, Captain Underpants:


Jadyn immediately became attached to her newest stuffed pet:


But that wasn't the only cat on Easter as both our kitties were having fun with the baskets:



We then went to Grandma Anita and Grandpa Ken's for Easter brunch. I really enjoy having it at their house. It just feels like such a tradition. And while it was unfortunate that none of the other cousins could make it, leaving Jake and Jadyn the only kids, the garden is the perfect background for an egg hunt and pictures:






The remainder of our Sunday was spent doing chores, relaxing and playing. I also got in a 3 mile run to prepare for Warrior Dash next week.

As a secular family, we try to respect the significance of Easter for all Christians. For us however, it is a family holiday symbolizing new life and hope, a time when the earth becomes alive again, a time to celebrate spring.

And regardless of your reasons for celebrating the holiday, I truly hope you had a wonderful Easter.

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Carrie77 said...

Good luck with Warrior Dash next week! :) Love the baskets and the kitty pictures, too! :) Jadyn is so pretty in her dress!