Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Not abandoning this ship

Yes, I know my blogging has been extremely intermittent. It never is my intention. And it's not that I technically don't have the time so much as I lack the energy. I have been working 6 hours every school day in the classroom since the week of my birthday. While being at school from morning bell to dismissal is only temporary, I am enjoying the opportunity to work more hours. However, once the kids and I get home I am spent! I still  have to find time to tend to the house, pets and run errands (all things I would normally do while the kids are at school) not to mention help the kids with homework and get them to all their extracurricular activities. I love being busy, don't get me wrong but I would remiss not to admit it's A LOT.

The last few weekends have included a lot of downtime due to illness, the aforementioned errands and some fun too - grilling with friends, sleepovers for the kids, trips to the dog park, dinner with GrandBob and Granny Annie and even a birthday party.

Here are some picture highlights....

The first Saturday in March we made it to the Home Depot kids workshop. Every year around this time they do a race car project to gear up for Nascar and our local Home Depot has a ramp so the kids can race their finished projects down the track. They love it.



 They also love trips to the doughnut shop for breakfast beforehand:


 Ran into a friend before heading into Big 5 to pick out a new bat for Jake and I turn around to find the kids begging me to take their picture like this:


 This just breaks my heart! When I wake up in the morning, Kuma follows me around desperate to be taken for a walk/run. I had been really good about getting up early and taking him before work BUT daylight savings (not to mention some crazy guy approaching female joggers in our area) has made it really hard to go before work. As soon as I put my clothes out and get ready to shower, Kuma jumps up on the bed and lays ON TOP of my clothes and gives me those sad puppy dog eyes as if it will prevent me for leaving him for 6 hours. He is still my spoiled baby though. I make sure to take him on walks/runs (and now carry pepper spray too) after work on most days.


 As someone who has always loved reading, nothing warms my heart than finding this completely unprovoked. Both kids reading with a huge pile of books they want to read on the bed. LOVE!


So much blogging to still catch up on but I think this is a good start.


Cacey said...

Love it. Looks like you are having fun, though quite busy.

Carrie77 said...

Some great photos in here! I did not know Home Depot did that race ramp... we haven't been to Lowes in awhile.. Nor have we ever checked out Home Depot, but I'll have to remember this for next year to see if they have the car project in STL! :)

LauraC said...

It's been really interesting to watch your transition to working mom! I love working but having kids was a big transition and new challenges in time management.

Karen said...

Glad to hear the update! I find it harder to find time to blog this year even though I have several hours to myself during the week. Maybe it's because I am trying to get done all of the things I would normally do while the kids are around.