Saturday, March 3, 2012

Where have I been?

I seem to have dropped the ball on my blog at about this same time last year. At least this year I have a somewhat good excuse. The sickies entered our house and right after I had been knocking on wood for weeks while telling people how lucky we have been all winter. I guess I should have just kept my mouth shut.

Anyway, everyone except me got colds. Jake's cold caused him to get an ear infection and then before he was even better from that I got the flu and gave it to Jake. The flu was by far the worst. I was down for the count for 4 days and Jake had to miss 3 consecutive days of school including his class field trip, which was a huge bummer for both of us as I was supposed to chaperon.

I had been pretty busy away from the computer before that too. I got into an organize/clean everything mood and got a wild hair to make some changes in the office. We got rid of the treadmill since I never use it anymore and Joe put up shelves to help us store Lego sets that are already put together. I also reorganized the arts and crafts. This lead to a decision to paint and from there it kind of snowballed. Joe REALLY surprised me for my birthday. Not only did I get a new laptop computer but on top of repainting the office, he purchased and put together new bookshelves in white. Now all we need is a new white desk and something on the walls and our new office/playroom will be done.

What started it all. I reorganized the arts/crafts using these Sterlite clip boxes from Target and decided the green on the handles would make a pretty paint color on the walls:

And only 7 paint samples later, we finally found the color I was looking for. I don't know how Joe has the patience for me sometimes:

Yes, we have THAT many Legos:

I just had to throw this in there. The kids were playing "school" on the easel. It just made me smile. It was one of my favorite activities as a child to play "school" and again, I am always blown away by Jake's neat printing and I was very proud of Jadyn for trying to sound out her classmates names:

But my clean/organize/decorate mood is still in overdrive so I suspect this may just be the beginning not to mention some other changes that are in the works for the Funny Nose clan.

I will be trying to catch up on the blog and not make it a habit to be such a stranger but I make no promises.


Lindsay said...

Wow - it looks great!! So sorry you have all been so sick. I'm sure you are ready to RECOVER.

Karen said...

I love the Lego shelves. Michael got a table for building them but that doesn't entirely solve the storage problem.

Carrie77 said...

You are SO organized. I love the storage shelf and the color, too! Wow!