Monday, March 5, 2012

Project 365 highlights

On February 19th, we went to Grandma Anita's to celebrate her husband Ken's 80th birthday. He was kind enough to also let us celebrate my birthday, which was the following day. It is SO hard to get a picture of all the cousins together but since most of them were enjoying ice cream treats, I was able to get them to cooperate minus Paul and Teah (who was sick that day):

No wonder we all keep getting sick. We keep going back and forth between great spring-like weather and freezing cold and wind. Two Saturdays ago it was short sleeves and the ice cream truck. The kids were quite excited:

And speaking of sick, I snapped this picture the first day Jake was sick. He felt so miserable he fell asleep sitting up on the couch. They never look more little and innocent then when they are sleeping and especially when they are sleeping and sick:

Last weekend was the monthly kids workshop at Home Depot. They had built a special ramp for the kids to race their completed Joey Lagano race cars. Jake was in heaven. He could have stayed there all day. Jadyn got her face painted so she was also pretty happy:

Both the kids have started practices for baseball season and this week we got their game schedules. It was different for soccer as ALL their games are on Saturdays. This is not the case for baseball with both weeknight games as well. I plopped it into Google calendar and took a snapshot of one of our busiest weeks. The purple are my activities, the green Jake and the pink Jadyn. Of course I am not at school with them all day BUT all those activities in the evening - yep, mama taxi is going to be BUSY this spring!

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