Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I don't know what I did to have kids that love to snuggle but when they are not snuggling on the couch with Joe or I, lately I have been catching them snuggling a lot with each other. It may just be a means to an end, as in "hey it's kind of cold this morning, let's gather up close to stay warm while we veg out to cartoons" but regardless the reason, I can't pass up a chance to capture the moment.

Of course, I have to be stealth because Jake has recently decided he does not want his picture taken and he tries to hide when he realizes what I am doing. My DSLR is quick enough to get him most of the time, my iPhone camera, not so much.

The other thing the kids have been doing a lot of together is play wrestling, tickle fights and giving each other the cheese touch (see again, Diary of a Wimpy Kid). Like on this morning:

But don't get me wrong. While Jake and Jadyn are incredibly close and get along well most of the time, they still have their typical sibling fights. Like when I came home on the same day as the above picture was taken to find these signs posted on each of their doors.

Joe assures me it was only a brief time of bickering that led to the making of the signs and honestly, it gave me quite a good laugh.

Yes, they are definitely siblings.


Mel said...

Love those special sibling moments, and the signs are HILARIOUS!

Janna said...

Awwwww, your babies snuggling is so dang cute!

And those signs are awesome!

Cacey said...

So cute! I love how close my babies are too. Which was something I really didn't expect because they are boy/girl and four years apart. And yeah, they fight sometimes too.

Angela said...

Geez, Jake's sign made me laugh. Love that they snuggle. Hope mine will do that soon . . . just another year or two maybe?? I HOPE?? :-)