Friday, May 23, 2014

Pinewood Derby 2014

While we had fun at our first annual Pinewood Derby last year, it became clear that we had a lot to learn about this Cub Scouts tradition and Jake left disappointed in his car's performance. He isn't SO competitive that he needed to win but he at least wanted his car to be able to make it down the track.

So we did things a little different this year and well, what a difference a year makes!

Joe did an awesome job in helping the kids create cars that fit both of their personalities:

Jake's tank-themed car:


Jadyn's Crayola car:


Leaving for the derby:


Between cub scouts, soccer and various other activities, it hardly matters that we don't all go to the same elementary school. These kids get along so well: Jadyn with her friend Brooklyn:


Jake with Landon and Logan:


All the cars in the derby:


Let's go racing!:


Out of 26 cars, Jake came in 4th place and won the award for most patriotic design. He was very pleased and not at all upset that Jadyn's car did even better winning the 2nd place trophy!


Regardless of how the kids' derby cars did, it was a very fun time and a tradition we look forward to every year.

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